A doula is someone who will support women and their families through pregnancy and most importantly, through childbirth. The support of the doula is more practical, emotional and therapeutic than it is medical. A doula will do everything in her power to ensure that you have the most satisfying and empowered time that you can possibly have during the late stages of your pregnancy and giving birth. 

evidence in suport of a doula


According to recent studies, women who are supported by doulas benefit by experiencing shorter labours and lower rates of  caesarian section deliveries. The study also found that a smaller percentage of their babies suffered from fetal distress and/or were admitted to neonatal intensive care units. Doula Uk

  • Reduced risk of Caesarean birth † *.
  • Reduced risk of instrumental birth † *.
  • Reduced need for painkillers or epidural during birth † *.
  • Reduced rate of induction of labour † *.
  • Shorter labour †.
  • Increased parental satisfaction with the birth experience. †
  • Increased likelihood of initiating breastfeeding *.
  • Increased likelihood of successfully establishing breastfeeding & breastfeeding at 6 weeks *.
  • Lower incidence of depressive symptomatology †.

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