prenatal massage

The benefits of continuous massage during pregnancy are many and will not only help to relieve common ailments which can occur during pregnancy but will also promote a sense of wellbeing in the mother to be. Holistic massage treats the individual as a whole on all levels and promotes physical and emotional health during pregnancy. There's also increasing evidence that pregnancy massage can improve not only your own physical and mental wellbeing but also that of your baby. You are able to safely start receiving massages from around your 14th week.

Why Do It?

– Improves circulation.

– Reduces swelling.

– Lessens sciatic pain.

– Strengthens the immune system.

– Helps to relieve anxiety and decrease insomnia.

– Relieves muscle aches.


“Pregnancy massage has definitely been popularised over the decades and studies have proven both physical benefits and hormonal regulation. These benefits have led to reduced complications in birth. During your therapeutic pregnancy massage, I will use different techniques  according to your needs to support and prepare your body for the birth of your baby.” Priscilla Ferreira



Post Pregnancy massage will not only help strengthen the new mother but will aid her recover from childbirth and adapt to life as a mother. Massage after delivery will help restore muscle tone and skin elasticity. You are able to safely start receiving postnatal massagem one day after birth.

 Why Do It?

– Reduces aches, cramps and spasms post delivery.

– Helps tone and tightens stretched areas like the tummy.

– Aids the release of Endorphins, your body’s natural pain killer.

– Reduces Scar marks following a C-section.

– Reduces swelling.

– Improves blood circulation which aids lactation.


"Postpartum practices include culturally-influenced behavioural adjustments that women and their families follow during the postpartum period to help the woman recover from giving birth" 

The Embryo project encyclopedia 

massage techniques


Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is a massage treatment with specific pressure and rhythm that stimulates the lymphatic system.

The most significant benefit from applying MLD is to relieve and prevent circulatory problems, such as swollen legs/feet, edemas and cramps.

“This massage will radically improve your immune system.  The more sessions you have, the more you feel and see the benefits. I highly recommend MLD technique during the gestational period and postpartum!" Priscilla Ferreira


Caesarean Birth Recovery

This massage technique encourages tissue regeneration. The massage around the C-section scar reduces scar tissue formation and leads to a soft C-section scar. Its benefits are directly associated with the Post Natal Massage. Also increases circulation and the neurological function in a particular area, which is beneficial for the healing process and to prevent keloids. You are able to safely start receiving this treatment from day 1 after the c-section.

“This massage is safe! I apply a MLD technique blended with Creative Healing to drain the excess of fluid, which considerably reduces the excess fluids and risk of infection. This blend of techniques  helps preventing scar tissues and Keloids, and restores the energy between your digestive organs and abdominal tone.”  Priscilla Ferreira


Creative Healing

Creative Healing is a gentle, hands-on technique that aims to restore the function to a particular part of the body or organ, by re-aligning the flows of energy to that part of the body. It is an excellent technique for a gentle birth, as the joints and muscles of the lower back, sacrum and coccyx need to be functionally mobile and clear of congestion.

"Creative Healing is incorporated into pregnancy, labour and general massage.  Studying with Gowri Motha improved  my knowledge and made a wonderful difference to my work as a Gentle Birth Practitioner." Priscilla Ferreira